In today’s internet-driven visual world people make snap decisions about someone or something based on a single photo they see for a couple of seconds at the most.

Just take a scroll at your Instagram feed or Facebook page and you are consumed in an infinite scroll of images, you just don’t read anymore. If you read Facebook advertising guidelines, they specifically say they do not want much, if any, text on an advertisement. Facebook understands what people want to see.

Selling your home is not much different, after all, you are advertising a product on a page that people just casually scroll through when searching for a home to buy. Your window of opportunity is limited to just a few seconds, so any picture you post has to look great.

It’s not just the camera

A common misconception is the equipment required. Your new smartphone or that SLR camera you bought at Costco with the big zoom lens is great for everyday use, but they are not quite suited for real estate photos.

The truth is that most camera lenses will not make your real estate photos look great. For real estate photography, you need a wide-angle lens, and a decent one will set you back about $500.

You will also require an external flash and a tripod for stability. The built-in flash on your camera is underpowered for real estate photos and will cast harsh shadows and make your images look flat.

You need to process your photos

Taking the photo is but the first part of your task. After you take your pictures you will have to bring them into software like Photoshop to finish them.

Most good real estate photos are actually a composite of several pictures stitched together with Photoshop and then processed in Lightroom.

Many techniques are applied like perfect blue skies, fake TV screens, and even fake flames in the fireplace. These little touches make the difference when swaying buyers to take a look at your home.

Living Room BeforeLiving Room

It’s the person, not the equipment

Even if you spend thousands and buy everything needed, this will not ensure great photos. It’s the person taking the photos that make them great, not the equipment.

Great photos bring in buyers

The bottom line is that great photos will bring you lots of potential buyers allowing you to get top dollar for your home.

Think of websites like Zillow and as dating websites, and you only have one chance to make a good impression on potential buyers, so make the best of your photos.

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