Frequently Asked Questions

Learn what to expect when you order your real estate photos and how both the agent and the homeowner should prepare.

When do I get my pictures?

  • After the property is photographed, all images are processed, retouched, and resided for the MLS and other uses (such as print ads). This process takes 24 hours for images; videos can take up to 72 hours.
  • Next day delivery is for business days and does include weekends or federal holidays.

How do I get my pictures?

  • Picture delivery is through third-party apps such as Google Drive or This is subject to change.

Are these HDR photos?

  • No, we use professional cameras and lenses and rely on the use of flashes and light painting to achieve professional results. HDR images do not deliver the best quality.

Does the agent need to open the door for us?

  • No, Jose Barrios is a licensed Realtor and a current member of Orlando Regional Realtor Association, and as such has access to the MLS and electronic lockboxes.
  • If there is no electronic lockbox arrangements can be made for the keys.
  • If there are people currently living in the property, the real estate agent should make arrangements with them.

How long does it take to photograph a home?

  • A regular home is between one and two hours. These times may vary depending on the project and the weather.
  • How much notice in advance do you need to schedule a photoshoot?
  • 24 hours prior to the desired date is the minimum amount of time required for scheduling an appointment.

What is the Refund Policy?

  • There are no refunds is the photographer already took the pictures.
  • If the photoshoot was not canceled 24 hours prior to the appointment, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged. The rest of your money will be refunded.
  • In cases where unforeseen situations result in the photographer not taking the pictures, a full refund will be issued.

The photographer showed up and the house was not ready

  • In these situations, a $50 fee will be incurred for the travel time of the photographer. This fee is in addition to the package fee. At this point, the real estate agent can reschedule a new photoshoot or cancel.
  • If the photos are canceled, the package price minus the $50 will be refunded.

Will you move and arrange furniture or objects in the house?

  • No, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have the house ready for the photoshoot. Moving objects that are not ours can lead to problems if they are damaged.
  • For more information on how to prep the house, please follow our guide How To Stage Your Home.

My house is bigger than what you offer in your packages

  • On larger homes, an appointment can be made to see the home prior to the photoshoot. Larger homes tend to be higher-end properties and as such will require more time and equipment to properly photograph them.

Who owns the copyrights to the pictures and videos?

  • We keep all copyrights to any images or videos that we produce. Your purchase entitles you to a single-use, non-transferable, non-exclusive license. Your usage rights are limited to the duration of the listing and they expire as soon as the property is sold or removed from sale.
  • All images are non-transferable, you may not sell, lease, or loan them and are only available for the promotion and sale of the subject property.

Will you use the images for other purposes?

  • All images can and may be used by us for other purposes, including but not limited to our website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

Weather conditions policy

  • Bad weather conditions might cause your photoshoot to be rescheduled.
  • Blue Sky touchups are weather permitting. Not all weather conditions allow for a perfect sky digital touchup.
  • Weather conditions like rain, haze, fog, or others can make the exterior of the house very difficult to photograph.
  • In these situations, the photographer will contact you to see if you want to reschedule or proceed as is.

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